Spacemacs Startup

Going Evil

OSD600 Week Seven Deliverable Introduction I have been a vim user for about two years, most of that time dedicated to simply learning how to exit the application. But all jokes aside, I’ve been using this editor for 90% of my projects and can say with confidence that despite its perverse editing modes, my continuous […]

Brackets Enhancement Proposal

OSD600 Week Six Deliverable When we were given the instructions to search, locate and eventually implement fixes or upgrades to Mozilla’s Thimble or Brackets, I found what perhaps was the most challenging enhancement I could possible implement. Suggested here by the professor, and assigned to myself at my own request, the user interface discussion can […]

Contributing a Bug Fix to Thimble

OSD600 Assignment One Deliverable In the last week of January I posted about setting up a local instance of Thimble, an online editor which supported the learning of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This project allowed for educators and hobbyists alike to program, and demonstrate their code with live previews in the same window without ever […]

Creating Static Web Content hosted by Github

OSD600 Week Four Deliverable Developers, programmers and even the occasional hobbyist are a hot topic this decade, knowing just their contributions alone can shape modern day enterprises and the technological stack of tomorrow’s gadgets. Google, a company familiar to anyone who’s rejected the living-under-rocks lifestyle is renown for providing their employees with perks that make […]

Contributing to Mozilla’s Thimble

OSD600 Week Three Deliverable Before I could attempt to fix this bug in Thimble, I had to setup a local brackets program first on my workstation. Doing so was simplistic, following a the steps found here: Fork the Brackets repository and then clone it to your local machine using git clone –recursive In the […]