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Optimizing Glibc’s SegFault

March 18, 2017 | Linux, Open Source | No Comments

SPO600 Project Specifications and Concepts

Segmentation Fault (Core Dumped) is a phrase that many know all too well, so much so that some developers such as yours truly was even granted the pleasurable nickname of ‘segfault’ during their first year at Seneca College. So, when tasked with the intention of optimizing a function or few from the GNU C Library (GLibc for short), I thought I may as well play a hand in ruining other programmer’s days as well. Seeing that segfault() existed in this library lit up my eyes to mischievous intents and melancholy memories, but I knew I wanted to take a crack at improving it.

Diving Into the Code

Cracking open the segfault.c file located in the debug folder with Vim introduced me to a 210 lined source code which included many define-styled tags and includes. After looking over the license and setup (includes, defines), was some of the most amazing code I had read in the past month. Equally readable, to the point and robust, I was impressed with what this offered compared to many other functions I had looked into which though not horribly written, was not human-friendly in any way. A great example of such code is the very first function written, which looks like the following:

This function does not look like any optimizations can be applied which would benefit it beyond what is already there. Instead, I think a function which has much more potential for optimizations is the following:

Optimization Ideas

Below are some of my notes, and observations which may lead to optimizations that may benefit the function. Further research will have to be conducted before I could attempt to improve the codebase, for segfault.c suffers similar faults as much of the functions, highly optimized programming.

Loop Unrolling

  • Line# 109 of ~/debug/segfault.c: PC calculations can occur before the loop itself.

Loop / Variable Unswitching

  • Line# 152 of ~/debug/segfault.c: *name is not used till line 185.
  • Line# 74 of ~/debug/segfault.c: i is not used till line 108.

These are minor optimizations, and as I discover more I’ll append them to the next blog post which covers this topic, backward-linking to this post.

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